Waterford Advisors LLC Services

We serve as corporate development officer, on an interim or advisory basis, to assist our clients with acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, minority investments, or de novo (start-up) initiatives.

Our clients range from large established companies to small emerging ventures, either publicly-traded or privately-held, across the technology, services and industrial spectrum. They engage us for one of two reasons:

Capacity: Their own corporate development team is over-capacity and there is a time-sensitive deal to complete; or

Experience: They don’t have a corporate development officer to create in-house deal capabilities and need a seasoned executive to get them started.

Clients want someone whose interests perfectly align with theirs, so that the right deals are done. They also prefer someone embedded inside their companies, joining their executive teams for an insider’s view, rather than merely consulting or advising from the outside.

Our engagements typically involve one of the following situations:

One Deal: Focusing on one specific transaction – such as acquiring or divesting a business – by joining the client’s management team to complete the deal.

This also includes situations calling for the future sale of the client firm, and preparing it so that full value is realized; this is more than mere window-dressing.

New Process: Creating and implementing best practices for originating, developing and integrating deals, either for a client that’s new to corporate devel­opment or for enhancing their existing capabilities.

This is particularly important for firms that have not completed a successful acquisition recently, due to economic and market conditions, and no longer have personnel with experience onboard.

In all cases, the client needs a seasoned corporate development executive embedded inside the company until the objective is reached. The nature and scope of corporate develop­ment varies from client to client, depending on the firm’s size and industry, but we typically assist corporate and operating unit executives with:


Due Diligence

Assessment & Valuation


Negotiation & Structuring

Monitoring Post-Close

In this capacity, we serve as internal advisors to our clients as well as driver of deals meet­ing their criteria.